jQuery Migration plugin for Wordpress

  • Last update: 02 May 2013
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  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Downloaded: 891
  • Author: Mustaq Sheikh
  • License: GPL
4.8/5 rating (16 votes)

If you are loading jQuery 1.9.0 + on your site and have extensions and scripts or templates  that rely on features or functionality that has been deprecated since jQuery version 1.9.0 , this plugin can restore them so you can continue using your favourite scripts and extension alongside jQuery 1.9.0 +.

Currently supported in Wordpress 3.5 .

1. Install via the Wordpress Plugins Installer

2. You only have to enable the plugin, there are no configurations necessary. This mean you will not see any configuration options for this plugin.


This Wordpress plugin includes the jquery-migrate jQuery plugin. Version 1.2.0

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