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  • Version: 1.5.8
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  • Author: Mustaq Sheikh
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Joomla! 1.5 Native Extension
Updated Version !
Added option to specify some URL Shortening Services other than the Tweetmeme Default and supports adding custom #hashtags .

Donations are Welcome to support further Free Extensions.

Installation Log into your Joomla Admin area Install the plugin using the Joomla Installer feature Go to your Joomla Plugin Manager and search for and select the Tweetme plugin Enter the ID of any Catergory you DO NOT want the Tweetme link to show on Enable the Plugin and select ""Save" Clear your Browsers cache if necessary to see the plugin in action. See the Demo here.

Installation Guide

To install go to the Joomla Administration area of your Website and then to Install/Uninstall and install as you would any other Joomla extension. Then go to the Plugin Manager and activate/enable the plugin and set your parameter options. See the  screenshot below for the available options.

Upgrade Guide

From Version 1.5.4 you do not need to uninstall the previous versions. All changed files are automatically updated and your configuratons are preserved.


You can choose to exclude the Tweetme plugin from the sites Frontpage, a specific article, section or tweetme_plugin_150category.

You can choose wether to have the button display nest to the article Title or the Article text.

You can choose to display the button on the left or right of the article Title.

You can define your ow CSS rules for positioning and styling like the background of the button.

You have a choice of using the standard or smaller compact button display.

You can choose if you would like the link to Twitter to open in a new Browser window so you visitors stay on your site.

You can define the Twitter Username to appear in the Retweet

The plugin does  works on subdomains with Joomla SEF.

If you need support, please visit our Forum.

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