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We are proud to announce the release of Tweet Tips. With Tweet Tips you can allow your Joomla site visitors to see the latest tweets about a topic, word or phrase. It is an excellent addon to all types of pages, like Blogs, Products, News, promotions etc ... Demo here

Any word or phrase on your site that is wrapped with < span class = "twitter_search " >some word or phrase < / span >  , will display an unobtrusive Twitter Icon that will invite vistors to your site to click on it. A nice smooth popup will appear with a scrolling effect of the latest Tweets for that word or phrase. An Editor plugin is also available to make it easier for you to insert the Tweettip syntax .


The popups can be dragged around the screen, resized and you can open more than one at a time ! The scripts are light and fast. The plugin can also be used in regular Modules in addition to Joomla articles and YOOtheme's ZOO CCK extension.

The script requires jQuery so if your Template or extention does not load jQuery, the plugin can do it for you
and also runs in jQuery noconflict mode to prevent conflcits with mootools and other libraries.

The plugin has been extensively tested with the the Default Joomla templates and YOOtheme templates and we will support its usage in any template framework, just let us know.

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