Super Tweets for ZOO

Tweet Streams right in your ZOO Items

Announcing another ZOO Element - Super Tweets For ZOO. Super Tweets makes use of the latest Twitter API and allows you to show Twitter Streams in your ZOO Items. In addition, there is also the possibility to show a TweetBox so your site visitors can Tweet your ZOO items without leaving your site.

You can set a Global twitter Query for all your Items and then also have each Item use a Unique Twitter Query if you choose to, eg: Each Business Item in your Directory can have a Unique Tweet Stream related to that Business. The element is supported in all ZOO Apps .

Your Visitors can follow others, mark Tweets as Favourites, Reply to tweets and check out Twitter Profiles all without leaving your site. All links open in a new Window so you retain your sites traffic. Have a look at the Demo Below and check out all the Possible Tweet Queries you can make .

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Possible Search Queries
Query What it gets
As more Query Terms become available, they will be added here
twitter search >> containing both "twitter" and "search". This is the default operator
"happy hour" >> containing the exact phrase "happy hour"
love OR hate >> containing either "love" or "hate" (or both)
coffee -biscuit >> containing "coffee" but not "biscuit"
#haiku >> containing the hashtag "haiku"
from:herdboy >> sent from the user @herdboy
to:herdboy >> sent to the user @herdboy
place:opentable:2 >> about the place with OpenTable ID 2
place:247f43d441defc03 >> about the place with Twitter ID 247f43d441defc03
@herdboy >> mentioning @herdboy
superhero since:2011-05-09 >> containing "superhero" and sent since date "2011-05-09" (year-month-day)
twitterapi until:2011-05-09 >> containing "twitterapi" and sent before the date "2011-05-09"
movie -scary :) >> containing "movie", but not "scary", and with a positive attitude.
flight :( >> containing "flight" and with a negative attitude.
traffic ? >> containing "traffic" and asking a question
hilarious filter:links >> containing "hilarious" and with a URL.
news source:tweet_button >> containing "news" and entered via the Tweet Button

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