Watermark Images with Super Marks for Joomla

We are proud to announce the release of Super Marks for Joomla. This extension was developed after popular requests for a Modern and Fast, Light and Feature rich solution for adding a watermark image to your images. The plugin allows you to watermark any image that you add a special CSS class to, eg: class="supermark" .

As usual, we have taken great care in developing and presenting this Joomla Extention to you. Tested with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.1 . Also tested with all YOOtheme WARP frameworks as well as other popular template frameworks, like Gantry.

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The Following Options Are Available

Supermark Image

supermark parameters You can easily upload/choose/add your own image that will be added as a Watermark over your image. The choice is yours.

Supermark Opacity

You can set an opacity level for the image that you use as a watermark.

Supermark Position

You can choose from four postions to display your watermark, Bottom Right, Bottom Left, Top Left, Top Right .

Supermark Class

You can use the default class of supermark or set your own here easily.

Extend Super Mark Classes

This setting allows you to optionally extend the plugin to alos target images in other extensions, like in the example here, we set the plugin to apply watermarks to some of Slideshows, Gallerie, Slidesets and Accordions of the YOOtheme WidgetKit.

NOTE The plugin does not fire on images opened in lightboxes currently, we will consider this feature if there is a popular request from subscribers.

What does it look like ?

Exmaple of what a watermark image looks like

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